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Software should be beautiful, usable and stress-free. As an experienced freelance developer I would love to help you and your team build your next web application, mobile app or software tool. Get in touch…

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Software Development

Looking for some extra hands to develop your product? Need help improving the quality of your codebase? Want someone who understands the implications of building software in an ever-changing environment?

Software development is my passion. Collaborating on products that impact people or businesses in a positive, meaningful way is what I love to do. With over a decade of experience in many different settings I have come to value quality, honesty and consistency.

Favorite Stacks


You can wake me up in the middle of the night to work on cool Elixir projects. Phoenix is my weapon of choice for web applications, where the frontend might be powered by elm or React.


11 years and counting, Ruby is definitely the language I'm most fluent in. Working with Ruby on Rails? Me too! I've worked on big and small projects, I know the ins and outs of the framework and after more than a decade I still have a lot of fun working with it.

Your favorite stack not listed?

After all is said and done I believe the most important thing is to use the right tool for the job. I'm a generalist who knows many technologies and is not afraid to dive into the unknown. Can your stack use a developer with many different tools on his belt? Let's talk!

Service Integrations

Do you have a service provider with an API that needs to be te tamed? I have seen my fair share of APIs and connected many applications successfully. It doesn't matter what kind of API, I enjoy the magic of systems talking to each other.

About Me

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A collection of my open-source contributions and side projects.

Vork in the Road

During my travels I try to keep my eye on the world around me. My camera helps me see the beauty in every moment and sometimes I'm lucky enough to capture some of it.

jQuery treetable Plugin

Popular open-source jQuery plugin. The treetable plugin transforms an ordinary HTML table into a full-fledged hierarchical list.

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Feel free to use the form below or contact me directly at info@cubicphuse.nl. Looking forward to hearing from you!